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Lavender Essential Oil

Uses: Disinfectant, All Purpose Cleaner
Benefits: Floral aroma, relaxation, therapeutic, deodorizes air

Lavender 40/42 Nature Identical Essential Oil has a fresh, floral and herbaceous scent with woody balsamic undertones. Lavender Lavandula angustifolia is a fantastic essential oil for green cleaning! It’s especially ideal for those who prefer a light, floral scent.

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

  • Helps with relaxation
  • Promotes sleep and reduces stress
  • Anti bacterial properties (a must in a first aid kit)
  • Anti inflammatory properties
  • Helps clear acne
  • Promotes hair growth

Benefits of Cleaning With Lavender Essential Oil

  • Disinfectant properties
  • Sweetens and deodorizers air
  • Great bathroom and kitchen cleaner (gets rid of tough stains)
  • Antiviral, antiseptic, and anti bacterial properties