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Happy happy Easter to everyone!! Hope you all had a safe and family filled long weekend 🌱 #ecolivingcleaningservice #maidservice #homecleaning #residentialconstruction #residentialcleaning
Commercial cleaning 🧼 All stores, offices, spas, restaurants, etc we’re offering competitive rates, premium service, and all natural products. Visit the link in our bio for more info or shoot us a DM here 🌱#ecolivingcleaningservice #maidservice #officecleaning #commercialrealestate #businessowner #oakville #burlington
Hope everyone had a blessed Good Friday. Have a safe & happy long weekend 🌱🧼🌍 #ecolivingcleaningservice #maidservice #longweekendvibes #homecleaning #officecleaning #ecofriendly
🌱 Heat lemons + vinegar + water to get a sparkling microwave 🌱 Put vinegar + baking soda into a plastic bag & place on your shower head to take it from dingy to practically new 🌱 Spritz hairspray on permanent marker scribbles (or masterpieces) to dissolve the ink and wipe them away . . A few #cleaninghacks 🌱🌍 #maidservice #ecofriendlybusiness #homecleaning #cleaningtips #ecofriendly
Book you free, no obligation in home quote today 🏑 Residential & Commercial cleaning in the Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Mississauga area! #ecolivingcleaningservice #ecofriendlybusiness #homecleaning #maidservice
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Our Products

img-2855.jpgAll of our cleaning products are 100% natural, plant based and made with under four ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully chosen, based on its benefits, and products are made in accordance to its use. All of our products start with a vinegar or castile soap base and essential oils are added depending on benefits and cleaning use.

We offer the option for our clients to design their own product. If you have any allergies or preferences on fragrance please let us know ahead of time and we will customize our cleaning products to meet your needs.

Our cleaning cloths are all multi use and colour coordinated to prevent cross contamination ensuring a sanitary clean each time.

All of our vacuums have HEPA grade filters, a TriTex Filtration System and are energy efficient, A rated. To ensure a allergen free environment, we have allocated vacuums for houses with and without pets.

Below is a list of the essential oils we use in our products- their uses and benefits. There are many benefits outside of cleaning that these essential oils will provide for you and your family.


Tea Tree



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